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Photo Album Page 5

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Hugh Joyes' Model T Ford, 1912

Marjorie, Jim (Henry)
and baby Constance Joyes

Marjorie and Jim (Henry) Joyes

Hugh Joyes and Alice

Marjorie, Leonard, Jim (Henry)
and Constance Joyes

Alice, Jim (Henry)
and Marjorie Joyes

Jim (Henry) taking Marjorie for a ride

Hugh Joyes and family 1902

Henry Marshall Joyes

Henry Marshall's wife Jane Downer

Nellie Joyes

Nellie Joyes

Henry Joyes and family 16th June, 1895

Fittleworth Mill

Fittleworth Mill

Henry Skinner and family

Uncle Ted and Auntie Pete 1920s

Elsie and Una Joyes

Bernard Joyes

Norwood Cottages, Fittleworth

Inside Hugh's Fittleworth Mill

Holy Innocents,
South Norwood

Henry Joyes

Jane Marshall

Charlie Joyes 3rd from left

Hugh Joyes and Alice wedding group

.... and the wedding breakfast

Postcard from Charlie Joyes

Charlie Joyes 1st on right mounted