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Sussex Triangle

Looking at a map one sees that Itchingfield, Barns Green and Southwater make a rough triangle. This area of West Sussex was familiar territory to several members of our JOYES family.

Daniel JOYES and his wife Mary Anne were living at Barns Green at the time of the 1861 census.

Mathew JOYES, son of Thomas and Jane JOYES, remained single, spending his adult life in Barns Green as a farm worker and later as a gardener. He died in the workhouse and was buried in the Itchingfield churchyard.

Edwin JOYES and his wife Ann [POTTER] spent many years as proprietors of the Queens Head Inn at Barns Green. They lived in the tiny "Blacksmith's Cottage' next door. Edwin was known as a strict 'Chapel man' who made regular readings to his family from a huge Bible. The unmarked graves of Edwin and Ann are also at the Itchingfield churchyard.

Their son Edgar William JOYES married Alice Mary SAVILLE at Itchingfield in 1888. Edgar was the first person to run a regular carting delivery service from Southwater to Worthing. In time, however, deliveries by motor bus and trucks were offered on the same route to the coast. Forced to give up his business, he took work with a road gang. One day he was knocked down by a passing motor car and died as a result of the accident. The verdict at a following court case went in favour of the motorist.

The grave of Edgar William and Alice Mary is at the Southwater churchyard. One of their sons, Ernest, who also died after an accidental fall, was buried with an infant sister Dorothy at the Itchingfield churchyard. Sons Wilfred and Jack went into the Army. Daughters Edith and Ivy married, Ivy emigrating to Canada.

Daisy, who was thought to have had fragile health as a child, lived to the ripe old age of 89.

By 1888 Walter Joyes, Billingshurst merchant of corn, coal and agricultural products, was operating a branch business in Southwater.[address not known so far]

Edwin Joyes was said to have been a very strict "chapel man" who used to read from his large-sized Bible to his family after tea on Sundays. The birth and baptism dates of all his children are written on one of the front pages [and sadly the burials of those who died young]. Illustrated is his finely embroidered Bible marker.

Blacksmith's Cottage at Barns Green

Edgar William JOYES  and Alice Mary (SAVILLE)

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