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Richard JOYES, the second son of Thomas 1, married a yeoman's daughter, Elizabeth GREENFIELD, at West Chiltington parish church in 1823. For a time he leased two farms in Shipley, one was Heathfields and another called Chivers, that had at one time been owned and occupied by Elizabeth's family. Bordering Chivers were the fields of a larger farm called Bakers, that Richard must have had his eye on. When his neighbour gave up farming there, Richard was able to take up the tenancy which was retained by the family until 1895. Apart from a small plot of land on the farm boundary that was owned by Richard himself, the rest of Bakers, at that time, was part of the Lord Selsey estate.

St Mary the Virgin Church, Shipley

Richard became a warden of Shipley Church at age 32 when he was still farming Chivers. The 1851 census returns showed that he worked 195 acres of land. Edwin aged 20 still lived at home,employed on the farm. Emma was a "farmer's daughter", while Rosina and 10 year old Walter were still scholars. Four farm labourers lived with the family.

Richard Joyes died 18 Nov 1865 aged 71 and by the wording on Richard's gravestone it would appear that he suffered a long and painful illness before his death. He left a will proved in Chichester the following year.

Affliction sore long time I bore

All medicines were in vain

Till death did sieze and God did please

To ease me of my pain

Elizabeth, his wife, kept tenure of Bakers and lived there with her daughters until her death in 1895, at which time Emma and Rosina moved back to Billingshurst.

Nine children of Richard and Elizabeth were born in Shipley: Matilda Elizabeth 1824, Frederick Richard 1825, Henry 1827, William 1829, Edwin 1831, Albert 1834, Emma 1837, Rosina 1839 and Walter 1840.

Matilda married a local farmer / miller William Bennett HEATH. For a period they too lived in the Shipley district, at Bentons farm. One of their sons, William, became a miller. He was living with his grandmother at Bakers Farm in the early 1870s.

Frederick married a farmer's daughter, Mary DENDY in Shipley [see Steyning Page]

Henry became a miller and married Jane MARSHALL from a corn milling family.[see Storrington and Fittleworth Pages]

William married Caroline HALE. [see Midhurst Page]

Edwin married Ann Potter [see Sussex Triangle Page]

Albert married Lydia Louisa Haines and become a draper in Stafford.

For more information about Albert click here

Emma and Rosina remained unmarried. For a time, Emma was employed as a housekeeper in Steyning but eventually returned to Bakers to live with her mother and sister.

Walter married Hannah Skinner, a widow with two children. [see Billingshurst Page]

A grandson, Edgar William, [see the Sussex Triangle Page]', son of Edwin JOYES and Ann [POTTER] lived at one time with his maternal grandparents, James and Francis Potter, at Old House Farm, Shipley, where he was employed as one of their workers.

Reproduced by kind permission of the West Sussex County and Diocesan Archivist.

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