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Though the name JOYES has often been associated with the district of Pulborough, the first known member of our branch of the family to live there was Frederick Richard JOYES who moved to Pulborough in the early 1850s, soon after his marriage to Mary Dendy, the daughter of an Itchingfield farmer. A directory of 1858 lists Frederick as a grocer and beer retailer, but does not give any address. By early 1861 he had taken over a farm in Horsham.

In 1888 his nephew Henry Marshall JOYES, son of Henry Joyes, miller of Fittleworth, took possession of a general store at Pulborough. The main shop, which sold everything from food and liquor to furniture was situated in Lower Street, next to the family's home Carlyon House; but there was also a small shop opposite and another branch store in Upper Street, by the church. Here a young cousin, Albert JOYES , son of William JOYES of Midhurst, worked as an assistant.

Edgar Walter JOYES' corn shop opposite Swan Hotel, Pulborough

John JOYES of Storrington sold wood and coal in Pulborough and supplied farm produce to his brother's shop in Lower Street.

After their father's death, the three young children of Henry Marshall JOYES, Una Jane, Bernard John Carlyon and Leonard Hugh and their mother, lived for a time at Wharfe House further along Lower Street, with Walter and Caroline Park . They were all living at Brighton in 1901.

Edgar Walter JOYES, who had been a farmer of Fittleworth, took over the corn Store in Lower Street opposite Wharfe House 1909 -1918 until his retirement when he lived for a time at Marehill, before being cared for by relatives at Stopham. He and his wife Marion were buried in the Pulborough churchyard.

Postcard of Lower Street, Pulborough c1900

Mabel, one of the daughters of Jane Joyes and Thomas Cameron, married a cousin James Ross [son of John Ross and Annie Cameron . They were married in 1900 at Pulborough; but then moved to Nigg, Scotland, taking over the running of a Ross family shop. They had two daughters, Norah and Margaret. Around 1910 Thomas Cameron sold Carlyon house and the shop next door in Pulborough. When Mabel was left a widow at around 1918, her elderly father and sister Helen Ethel moved to Scotland, to live with her. After the death of Thomas Cameron, Mabel, Ethel and Mabel's younger daughter Margaret, returned to Sussex, settling in Worthing. Norah went to Australia marrying Henry Simpson in Perth in 1951.

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After the untimely death of Henry Marshall JOYES in 1892 followed by the collapse of the business, the stock and premises were put up for auction. Brother in law Thomas Cameron, draper of Peckham who had married Henry Marshall JOYES' sister Jane in 1875, was by then a widower. He bought the main shop and Carlyon House and moved there with his two grown daughters.

Hugh JOYES of Fittleworth, brought the small shop opposite and rented it back to Thomas Cameron. As young lad in the early 1880s Hugh had attended a boarding school in Upper Street, Pulborough.