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New Zealand

Although the name Joyes can be found in some centres of Australia, the only people by that name in New Zealand, so far known, are the descendants of Bernard and Leonard Joyes, sons of Henry Marshall Joyes, who emigrated with their sister Una in early 20th century.

In 1909 Una's fiance, Reg Davies asked Len to accompany him on a journey of 12 thousand miles from England to visit relatives already settled in New Zealand. It must have seemed quite an adventure; but both young men were so impressed with what they found on arrival, and the employment opportunities they saw in the drapery trade, that on return they suggested emigration.

In losing both parents at an early age Una , Bernard and Len had no real family home ties. Each had received a small inheritance from their grandfather Henry Joyes, miller of Fittleworth. Together with their savings this gave them their fare and a start in a new country.

Joyes store in Stratford c 1932

Leonard and Reg soon returned to New Zealand and were joined by Una and brother Bernard on the steam ship Ruahine in 1911. Bernard especially enjoyed the novelty of several weeks of indolence and the sea air on the long voyage.

Una and Reg were married in Auckland. The printed wedding invitation said

Soon after this Bernard wed his New Zealand born bride, May Rickman.

The greater part of his working life was spent as display manager of the James Smiths department store in Wellington; except for several years in the 1930s when he had a drapery store in Stratford.

Len remained single until after the 1st world war, in which he served with the New Zealand army. He travelled to Europe via America where he was astonished at the height of buildings and wrote to Bernard about seeing an aeroplane flying.

After the war he returned once more to the 'rag trade' and in 1920 married Lily Dryden. They settled in the rural town of Taumaranui, where, for many years, he had a menswear business.

Una and her husband settled in Napier, until driven away after a disastrous earthquake which destroyed the town in 1931. They subsequently moved to Sydney, Australia with their four children. Una died there in 1983 aged 95.

Bernard spent the last two years of his life in Nelson NZ . There were aspects of this place that reminded him of his youth in Sussex, he said. He died in 1962.

Leonard enjoyed retirement in the rapidly growing city of Auckland, until his death in 1965.

1912 Epsom, Auckland.

L-R: Reg Davies, Dickie Rickman, Una Joyes, Bernard Joyes,

May Rickman, Len Joyes

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The Brothers of Miss Joyes request the pleasure of the company of............ at the Marriage of their Sister Una to Mr R. Holiday Davies on September 4th 1912 at 1pm at St Marks Church, Remuera and afterwards at their residence in Epsom