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Welcome to the home of the Joyes family

The family JOYES on this site is being researched by an enthusiastic group of descendants. We welcome enquiries and further links. Our early research has been focused mainly on rural WEST SUSSEX, ENGLAND, though we know that descendants of this particular family, during the 19th and 20th centuries, settled in other areas of Britain and some, even more adventurous, emigrated much further afield. If you have an interest in this line of JOYES please contact us via the email links. Our first known ancestral couple were Thomas JOYES of Billingshurst and Leah GUMBRELL. They married in 1794 at Slinfold, a parish bordering Billingshurst. Long hours put into extensive research has, so far, failed to reveal the parents or siblings of Thomas [whom we refer to as Thomas 1], although the name JOYES was established in the district of Billingshurst well before his birth date [which we estimate as c1760]

Between 1796 and 1813 Thomas and Leah produced 10 children whose baptisms can be found in the Billingshurst parish register. Thomas was an agricultural worker who moved about the district in search of work, often on a yearly basis. Although his children moved further afield as they matured, a later generation then settled in Billingshurst village as prosperous corn merchants. Several of our JOYES family have graves in St Mary's churchyard at Billingshurst.

Other Sussex villages in the area which have been home to the early Joyes family are Itchingfield, Pulborough, Shipley and Wisborough Green.

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What’s in a Name?

Some thoughts on the Joyes surname

By Terry Joyes

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Thomas Joyes (born about 1760)

    + Leah Gumbrell bapt 18 September 1774

married 12 March 1794 Slinfold

Thomas Joyes bapt 7 August 1796 Billingshurst

    + Jane Anscombe bapt 2 November 1806 Horsham

married 13 September 1824 Ashington

Richard Joyes bapt 14 August 1797 Billingshurst

    + Elizabeth Greenfield bapt 11 March 1802 Billingshurst

married 23 April 1823 West Chiltington

Sarah Joyes bapt 15 july 1798 Billingshurst

    + James Saddler born about 1786 Petworth

married 7 April 1817 Billingshurst

KeziahJoyes bapt 4 May 1800 Billingshurst

    James Green field born about 1791 Billingshurst

Married 20September 1818 Billingshurst

Hanna Joyes bapt 16 May 1802 Billingshurst

    +Peter Pacy born about 1797

Married 9 September 1821 Wisborough Green

Daniel Joyes 25 March 1804 Billingshurst

    + Mary Anne Ferrall born 1782 Dorking

Married 2 November 1836 Itchingfield

Mary Joyes bapt 13 April 1806 Billingshurst

Luke Joyes bapt 27 November 1808 Billingshurst

    + Hannah Dennett bapt 13 July 1813 Itchingfield

Married 19 May 1834 Itchingfield

Martha Joyes bapt 21 April 1811 Billingshurst

    + John Hanson born 1798 Bradfield

Married 28 August 1827 Billingshurst

Jane Joyes bapt 14 November 1813 Billingshurst

    + Peter Wadey born about 1809 Billingshurst

Married 18 July 1837 Billingshurst

the second generation

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